A Minnie First Birthday

Disney Birthdays

A Minnie First Birthday


Last Spring one of my good friends also did a Minnie Mouse party for her daughter’s first birthday. I just wanted to quickly share a couple of her ideas, there were some great ones, and she spent so much time on all of the details!




1. The decor and the treat bags: I loved her banner, minnie heads cut from construction paper (and she doesn’t have any fancy craft machines like a Cricut or a Silhouette, this was done by hand). The letters were all done in pink and then white layered over top, so much effort but it looked awesome! You will notice that some of her gift bags had bows and the others did not, to distinguish between girl treat bags and boy treat bags. Inside the gift bags, my friend had made Mickey and Minnie ears for each of the guests! She used plastic headbands and black felt for the ears.

2. The dessert table: Cupcakes, cake pops, and of course, the cake! Again she put so much time into those great details. The cupcakes each had a little Mickey head made from chocolate melting wafers. Oh and they tasted so good – chocolate cheesecake filled with cheesecake frosting. She made the Minnie cake pop stands out of styrofoam and ribbon. The cake pops were chocolate pudding covered in…chocolate! The cake was beautiful, I believe it was her first time experimenting with fondant but you couldn’t tell! The centre of the cake had a heart baked into it. So talented!

3. And of course this is my tired little party girl, modeling her Minnie ears!

Thank you for stopping by today, I hope you enjoyed some of these Minnie party ideas!



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